Book Project

$250.00 (w/o tax)

Transform Your Golf Stories into Inspirational Chapters: Join the Golfer Pete’s Golf Book Project!

Dear Esteemed Guest of Golfer Pete’s Golf Podcast,

Your participation in our podcast has been a source of rich insights and delightful stories about the world of golf. We are now extending a unique opportunity to turn these golf conversations into a lasting legacy.

The Opportunity:

We're excited to invite you to be part of an extraordinary book collaboration project, exclusively designed for our distinguished podcast guests. This initiative is more than just a collection of golf tales; it’s a platform for sharing wisdom, experiences, and a love for the game with a wider audience.

Participation Options:

1. Golf Storyteller ($250): Share a brief story or lesson learned from golf, and see your name featured alongside other golf enthusiasts.

2. Chapter Leader ($1,000): Dive deeper into your golf journey or expertise, contributing a full chapter to this one-of-a-kind golf anthology.

3. Spotlight Feature ($10,000): Elevate your profile with a feature spotlight, dedicating half of the book to your personal and professional golfing experiences.

Benefits of Participation:

- Expand Your Influence: As a contributing author, your insights will reach a broader audience, enhancing your reputation in the golf community.

- Networking Potential: Connect with fellow golf enthusiasts, industry leaders, and readers passionate about the game.

- Legacy Creation: Leave a lasting impact in the golf world by sharing your unique perspectives and stories.

Target Audience:

Our book will captivate a diverse range of readers, from golfing beginners to seasoned players, all united by their love for the sport. Your contribution will not only inspire but also provide valuable insights to this wide audience.

Call to Action:

Don’t miss this exclusive chance to become a published golf author. Spots are limited in this unique literary venture. Visit []( to sign up and turn your podcast episode into an inspiring chapter in our golf anthology.


Act quickly to secure your spot and receive a special feature in our upcoming podcast episode, highlighting your involvement in this exciting golf book project!

$250.00 (w/o tax)

Unlock the Power of Your Story: Become a Published Author with Kennesaw Happenings!

Dear Esteemed Guest of Kennesaw Happenings,

You've graced our podcast with your insights and stories, sharing valuable knowledge with our community. Now, we're offering you an exclusive opportunity to amplify your voice and extend your influence through our unique book collaboration project.

The Opportunity:

Join us in a pioneering venture to author a book that celebrates and shares the wealth of wisdom in Kennesaw. This is not just about putting words on paper; it's about crafting a legacy, enhancing your brand, and deepening your connection with our vibrant community.

Participation Options:

1. Community Contributor ($250): Limited to 20 slots per month. Be one of the select few to have your name and three key takeaways featured.

2. Chapter Author ($1,000): Exclusive storytelling opportunity. Dive deep into your journey and expertise, establishing yourself as a thought leader.

3. Feature Spotlight ($10,000): Maximum of two books published monthly. Command the stage with a book solely dedicated to your story.

Benefits of Participation:

- Elevate Your Brand: As a published author, your credibility soars, opening doors to new opportunities and markets.

- Community Connection: Engage with Kennesaw's most affluent residents, an audience eager for local wisdom and business insights.

- Networking and Referrals: This book will serve as a beacon for potential clients and partnerships, significantly growing your referral network.

Target Audience:

Our readers are affluent homeowners in Kennesaw, actively seeking ways to enrich their lives. Your contribution will guide them, positioning you as a trusted authority in our community.

Call to Action:

This chance to transform your influence into a printed legacy is exclusive and limited. Visit []( and sign up to secure your place in this groundbreaking project. We will turn our podcast conversation into your book contribution and share it with you for your thoughts and approval before publishing. That's it – we do the rest! Remember, only 20 spots are available monthly, and the Feature Spotlight is limited to just two books each month.

P.S. Act now and receive a special mention in our next podcast episode, highlighting your upcoming contribution to our community book!