The Top 3 Mistakes Golfers Make While Networking for Business Workshop

About this Workshop

The Top 3 Mistakes Golfers Make While Networking for Business include:

  • Mistake 1 – not being clear on audience
  • Mistake 2 – not being clear on offering
  • Mistake 3 – being tactical instead of strategic

Join us for a one hour workshop where we will share our take on each of these mistakes and give you advice on how to avoid them. For each mistake, we will share:

  • An example of this mistake in practice
  • Costs of this mistake
  • How to avoid this mistake
  • How to mitigate costs of this mistake
  • How to recover from this mistake

The event is an hour long. We will spend about 30 minutes covering the mistakes and how to correct them. The remaining time will be spent practicing our networking skills. Come prepared to learn and network to grow your business!

Join us even if you don't golf. The focus for this workshop is networking skills that you can apply anywhere.

This event is for anyone who knows that they need to get better at networking.

We host our event at the Pinetree Country Club's private dining room. The event is free to attend. However, the restaurant does require that each attendee purchase their own lunch.

The Top 3 Networking Mistakes  - Golfer - Presentation - Cover Image