Work with Golfer Pete

We have three options to work with Golfer Pete:

Option 1: Join our Friday Virtual Networking Group

Option 2: Referral Arrangement Program

Option 3: Success Partner Action Program


We host a weekly virtual networking group on Zoom every Friday from 9 am to 10 am ET.  We meet every Friday except public holidays.

We focus on intentional networking geared towards growing your business through a steady stream of reliable and predictable business referrals and introductions.

We start on time and we end on time. Our business development team works to bring like-minded business owners to our group.  Our agenda is simple, everyone introduces themselves and we spend time networking with intention.  Our facilitators guide the conversations to maximize the potential for referrals and introductions within the group framework.

Your up-front investment to be part of our group is $1,200 per year. Your investment is non-refundable.  It is transferrable should you wish to have another team member attend in your place.

Click here to join our Friday Virtual Networking Group

Maybe you aren't yet ready to pay to join Golfer Pete's Friday Virtual Networking Group.  We invite you to attend up to two sessions as our complementary guests.  You can decide if you want to officially join our group after you test it out.

Click here to register to attend a Friday Virtual Networking Session as a guest

We understand that you may be hesitant to invest in external business development.  We have created our “Referral Arrangement” package to give us an incentive to deliver amazing results for you and to give you an incentive to work with us long term.

Our Referral Arrangement Program starts with a one hour Strategy Session.  Normally, we charge $2,500.00 for a Strategy Session.  Your investment for the Strategy Session is $500.00 so that we can both decide if we are a good fit to collaborate on your business growth goals. At the end of the hour, you decide whether we delivered $500.00 in value to you and we decide if we are willing to work with you.  Assuming that the answer to both is yes, we will prepare a proposal for you and find a path forward.  If either of us answer “no”, we will refund your Strategy Session fee immediately and agree to part ways as friends.

Our typical Referral Arrangement Programs include a monthly retainer of $1,000.00 plus a 10% monthly success fee based on the new revenue that we deliver.  We personally believe that marketing should yield at least a ten to one Return on Investment.  We will not work with a business unless they are able to grow their revenues by at least $10,000 per month. Please do not book a Strategy Session if you are not looking for at least $10,000 a month in new revenues.

Purchase a one hour Strategy Session for our Referral Arrangement Program

Our Success Partner Action Program is our most successful program.  We create a customized action plan to meet your growth goals.  Our pricing model is based on the number of $100,000.00 blocks of new revenue that you would like to add to your business. 

We charge $20,000.00 up front per block of $100,000 in new revenues that you would like to purchase. 

We hire the team members that we need to meet your specific goals. We charge our fee up front so that both parties are committed to the mutual success of the project.

We recognize that there is trust to be built, so we work together one block of $100,000 in new revenues at a time.

Purchase a one hour Strategy Session for our Success Partner Action Program

Get Pete's...

The Top 3 Mistakes Golfers Make

While Networking for Business Workshop

The Top 3 Mistakes Golfers Make While Networking for Business include:

  • Mistake 1 – not being clear on audience
  • Mistake 2 – not being clear on offering
  • Mistake 3 – being tactical instead of strategic

Join us for a one hour workshop where we will share our take on each of these mistakes and give you advice on how to avoid them. For each mistake, we will share:

  • An example of this mistake in practice
  • Costs of this mistake
  • How to avoid this mistake
  • How to mitigate costs of this mistake
  • How to recover from this mistake

The event is an hour long. We will spend about 30 minutes covering the mistakes and how to correct them. The remaining time will be spent practicing our networking skills. Come prepared to learn and network to grow your business!

Join us even if you don't golf. The focus for this workshop is networking skills that you can apply anywhere.